Frequently Asked Questions

After a successful purchase of voucher, the voucher pin is sent to the email provided. There are two major types of voucher purchase namely;

  • Guest Purchase:
    This is when you do not log into your account to make a purchase. The voucher pin is sent to the email address provided on the purchase form.
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  • Profile Purchase:
    This is a purchase made after you have logged into your account. Use the menu BUY > VOUHER HISTORY to view your voucher purchase history.

When making a purchase for a voucher pin, there is an option to provide your decoder serial number. When you provide this serial number, the voucher pin you purchase would be AUTOMATICALLY loaded into the decoder.

If you do not wish to load a decoder with the voucher pin automatically, please do not provide a decoder serial number during a purchase.

After recharging your TSTV decoder, you follow the steps below to select your preferred channels;

  • Log into your account
  • Select your preferred channels
  • Review selected channels and submit
  • Wait a few minutes for your channels to be activated
  • Enjoy your TSTV experience